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Dear Camp Agudah,

While the last song produced by CA Productions, Shabbos Kodesh, was dedicated L’iluy Nishmas our beloved friend Yisroel Levin A”H, this song is a very different concept and idea. This song isn’t just dedicated for Yisroel, it was actually written about Yisroel, and about the world at large.

As Klal Yisroel was sent reeling by the Petirah of the Chosson and Kallah on that Chol Hamoed Pesach day, many thoughts were running through our minds. Shock, sadness, and confusion would probably describe the emotions we had on that day. But there’s one emotion that resonates so strong, which can be summed up in one simple word- Why?

Why is there suffering? Why has the Golus lasted so many years? Why, Hashem, were Yisroel and Elisheva taken away from us at the height of their Simcha?

Though we don’t hear the answer from Hashem directly, Emunah means to believe that He does everything for a reason. One day we will know all the answers to our questions. It is not proper now to try to understand why. Only He holds the answers, and they will be revealed when the time is right.

But there’s one thing we can do, and that is BEG Hashem for that great day to come. We will Daven forever until our Tefillos our answered. Because one day, our begging and Davening will be too much for Him to say no.

This song was presented and released shortly before Elul, and not by coincidence. We are approaching the most crucial Yimei Tefillah of the year. Any one Tefillah can be that last one that tips the Heavenly scales.

Our latest CA Production is a Tefillah to Hashem, as we beg him to bring about the day where all our questions will be answered. We are all still deeply affected by the tragedy and are searching for answers. When will the day come?

But until then, we will continue to ask and beg for You to rebuild Your house anew!

CA Productions is humbled to have the Zechus to present: “Uvnei Osah”

The CA Productions Team: Eliezer Frank, Menachem Kramer,

Izzy Krasnow, Aron Lowenthal

        Menachem Av 5778

Click here to download the song. Right-click, and click “Save As”. Camp Agudah Productions Presents: U’vnei Osah

Produced By: CA Productions, 2018

Vocals Produced, Recorded, Arranged, and Mastered By: Naftali Blumenthal at ASAP Productions - naftalibmusic@gmail.com

Vocals By: Menachem Kramer, Izzy Krasnow

Backups Vocals By: Menachem Kramer

Lyrics By: Izzy Krasnow

Cover Design: Aaron Eliezer Pilchick (thekensingtongraphic.com)

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