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Camp Agudah

42 Broadway - 14th Floor

New York, NY 10004


For applications ONLY, you can email the auto-response system: applications@campagudah.org to get your application immediately by return email.

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Mailing Address:

Camp Agudah

PO Box 278

Ferndale NY 12734

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Camp Agudah

140 Upper Ferndale Road

Liberty, NY 12754

Camp Dates - Summer 2021
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We receive many requests each week for applications and other Camp Agudah information. While we'd love to help you, this is NOT an Official Camp Agudah website. Please contact the Camp Office at the number below for official information.


At the top of the hill:

For Camp Agudah / Machane Ephraim:

Turn right onto Upper Ferndale Road to camp entrance.

For Camp Bnos / Camp Bnoseinu / Camp Chayl Miriam:

Continue straight for less than a mile to camp entrances on your left.

Camp Agudah

Trip 1: Wed, June 23 - Tue, July 20

Trip 2: Wed, July 21 - Mon, Aug 16

Camp Bnos - Camp Bnoseinu - Camp Chayl Miriam

Trip 1: Tue, June 29 - Sun, July 25

Trip 2: Tue, July 27 - Sun, Aug 22

Visiting Day:

Sunday, August 1

Mini Visiting Day Trip 1

(For Bnoseinu and Camp Agudah younger division only):

July 11