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What a whirlwind it’s been!!! For the first time ever, CA Productions is proud to present a DOUBLE HEADER PRODUCTION!! With tremendous siyata dishmaya, we are releasing not one, but both Theme Songs from this past years amazing Grand Sing! The songs are titled “Our King” and “Malei Simcha”. Productions of such magnitude cannot possibly happen without the assistance of many individuals. So, without further ado we would like to thank the following:

Rabbi Shimon Newmark:  No CA Production gets off the ground without your strong support. Thank you for your generous support year after year! Most of all, thank you for all you do for Camp! Continued hatzlacha for many years to come.

Avromy and Simcha Schron, the Hamada Mishpacha, Dovi Geizhals, Yisroel Rosenfeld, Avi Pruzansky, Kuty Shipper, Shimon Isaak, Shragi Gutman, Naftali Leshkowitz and Sruly Zafir: This project was by far the most expensive we have ever done. Without all you guys stepping up big time – this would never have been possible. Thank you so much.

General Shimon Isaak: Shimon are you excited for this song to be released? It’s hard to tell… We would say that we hope you enjoy this song, but we already know you will!  Thank you for being such a strong supporter behind these songs and for being the best gabbai Camp Agudah has ever seen. A man of numerous talents indeed. Mazel Tov on winning Color War this year and iy”H the big mazel tov very soon. Hatzlacha!!

Rosh Mesivta and President of Beis Elya Reb Aryeh Zev Scheff Shlita: The title says it all… Thank you for creating the most exciting and geshmak  (yet despised) program in Camp Agudah history! Thank you for helping to write the lyrics of this gorgeous song. Hoping for good news soon. Now stop reading this and go back to your seder with Rabbi Kleinman.

Rabbi and Mrs. Lowenthal: Thank you for all your dedication to Camp and to the success of CA Productions. You’re the best!

Simcha Schron:  Will win Color War, likes ice cream and will always be a Ruach Country Boy.

Dovi Geizhals: Dovi thank you for using your tip money from Munk to help us Agudah boys out! Seriously though, your immediate willingness to step up in a big way gave us a huge boost and no doubt was a big part in getting to the number we needed.

Doni Gross: How we were able to get any studio time by you at all was a small miracle… But in that time, we were able to witness firsthand your absolute mastery in the studio. From Dovid and Nachi’s sessions to the adult choir session, to the music, to the mixing etc… You’re the GOAT.  It was amazing to see you create harmonies on the spot and always with a smile! Thank you for doing this for us, and hatzlacha with everything!

Nisan Fetman and Yitzi Nusbaum: Thank you for being a part of an awesome Camp Agudah choir! They say… “Can’t take Ruach Country out of me” – You’re always Agudah Boys. Especially Yitzi with his sweatshirt!  You guys were mad clutch. Thanks!

Dovid Kirschner: Dovid, it was a real pleasure getting to know you. From your first tryout in camp we already knew you had something special.  Beautiful solo at the grand sing and great job by the concert! As far as the studio goes, you blew us away. We couldn’t believe the notes you were able to hit and the harmonies that you nailed. Most importantly, there is no way this song comes out as good as it does without you wearing the Agudah sweatshirt! Hatzlacha in yeshiva and keep using your talents for good things! Shteig away.

Nachi Kaufman: CA Productions veteran! Nachi, as always, you are so much fun to be around. Your smile is contagious, and it reflects in your voice. You sing with such joy – it’s no wonder you sound as good as you do. Awesome job on hitting those outrageously high notes on both songs!  Hatzlacha in high school and don’t make Akiva laugh too much in the studio next time!  Shteig away.

Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman & Mr. and Mrs. Kirschner: Thank you for putting up with our craziness. Scheduling sessions and coordinating everything can be really difficult at times but you were always flexible and accommodating with a smile. Your sons are both mega talented and we were very fortunate to have them on these songs. May you continue to see much nachas from them in the future and may they be zoche to be in Agudah for many more years to come.

Yehuda Weis: Thank you for being so easy to work with. Both covers this year are tremendous (even though there are no birds in them) you really outdid yourself. You have so much talent and a really bright future. We were happy that we could still afford you. Hatzlacha.

Aaron Eliezer Pilchik: You deserve a line solely as a thank you for being the only person to actually read this letter…  But an actual thank you for stepping in and cutting out the cross and making a black hat completely disappear. Appreciate all your contributions to CA Productions over the years. A separate and huge shoutout for spending numerous hours on reformatting a dozen covers for us for Spotify and Apple Music.  Once again you came through when you were needed the most! Hatzlacha.

Eli Serebrowski: Thank you for working with us every year on getting the songs up and running. Your work is truly appreciated.

Chaim Fogel, Eliezer Frank, Izzy Krasnow: Thank you for all your contributions to CA Productions over the years. We would not be here today without the work that you guys put in. Thank you for working with us to make Spotify and Apple Music a reality. Well not Eliezer… (yes you can collect your royalties in 20 years when its $100 per listen…)

Camp Agudah Family: (Speaking on behalf of all producers not signing this letter…) It has been our greatest pleasure to release so many songs to you over the years. Each song is a classic in its own way. So much work goes into each production, but it’s all been worth it.  We hope you enjoy these two gorgeous songs!

Akiva Besser, Aron Lowenthal, Yehuda Lowenthal

CA Productions Team

January 2022/Shvat 5782

Click here to download the song. Right-click, and click “Save As”. Camp Agudah Productions Presents: “Malei Simcha” T.T.T.O: Shabbos (Abe Cohen - Written by Yosef Schick)

Produced By: CA Productions 2022 (DEG Productions)

Music Produced, Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered By: Doni Gross at DEG Productions

Drums: Avi Avidani

Guitars: Avi Singolda, Noam Burg

Bass: Guy Dahn

Piano: Doni Gross

Cello: Yoed Nir

Vocals By: Nachi Kaufman, Dovid Kirschner and the Camp Agudah Choir

Backup Vocals/Harmonies: Akiva Besser, Dovid Kirschner and the Camp Agudah Choir

Choir Members: Akiva Besser, Nisan Fetman, Doni Gross and Yitzi Nusbaum

Vocals Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By: Doni Gross

Lyrics Written By: Akiva Besser and Yehuda Lowenthal

Cover Design: Yehuda Weis (bluebuckcreative@gmail.com)

Hit Counter by Digits

Low 1:
Mike comes to work each day
Smile always on his face
No matter what the job is
Attitude never changes

Low 2:
Other workers ask him
What’s the reason for your actions
Answers to work here I’m thankful
How can I not be joyful

(2nd Time - OUR MESORAH)

Low 3:
Big storm only Mike’s there
Boss sees and asks why are you here
Answering what’s the question
This is my passion

Low 4:
Next day surprise meeting
To the company boss is speaking
A big promotion is given
Mike is the one chosen

(2nd Time - OUR MESORAH)

Low 5:
Boss says such a position
Needs absolute devotion
See Mike working with happiness
Shows me real service

Low 6:
Realize the importance
Of avodah with happiness
Seeking Hashem’s closeness
Treat each mitzva so precious

(2nd Time - OUR MESORAH)