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It was a quite a busy year for CA Productions in 5778, so we had to wonder would this year be an “off year”? We are proud and excited to tell you that the answer to that question is a resounding NO; WE ARE BACK with the most stunning production yet, “Alma Maters 2018- Memories”! Sit back, close your eyes, and smile as the incredible music and vocals bring back warm memories of the incredible summer we experienced in Ruach Country 2018. We think you’ll agree that this song was worth the long wait and hype over the past two months!

We’d like to begin our credits with a thank you to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for everything, and for giving us such an incredible amount of Siyata Dishmaya in all our CA Productions.

Sniper Studios: As the newest producer of a CA Production, you had a high standard to match. Throughout the entire process, no matter how much we nagged and bothered you, you always gave us 100% effort and professionalism in your commitment to make the song sound special- and the effort certainly paid off! Hashem should bentch you that your incredible musical talents should take you very far in all your future endeavors. Thank you for your time!

Moishe Saftlas: Trusting someone we never met to produce a music track from scratch proved to be a worthy “risk”. The detail and beauty of the music is just what we were looking for. Great job!

Binyamin Kruger: You went above and beyond for this production! In between your never-ending hocking in the studio about everything unrelated to the song, you managed to share some beautiful vocals to make the production sound as special as it does. Thank you!

Binyomin Hellman: For all the times in the studio you said you couldn’t do it, you did it! Your voice is truly one of a kind. Keep it up!

Moshe Gerstner: We felt super privileged to have the voice that became famous from Pruz’s “Mi Ha’ish” join CA Productions! You sounded beyond amazing! Special thanks to your father Eli Gerstner who took the time to record your vocals and send them to us. Being we must have an obligatory YBC reference here… if we do an Alma Mater next year to “Daddy Come Home”, can we do it for free at your studio?

Thank you to the parents of the vocalists who graciously accommodated all our timing requests and scheduling!

Yehuda Braun: The one half you were in Camp Agudah makes you a Ruach Country boy! Thank you for coming through when we needed you; you were great!

Aaron Eliezer Pilchick: Our trusted graphic designer came through once again. Great job as usual!

Eli Serebrowski: Thank you for the technical assistance in getting the song up and running on the website!

Special thanks to Rabbi Yitzy Bald for a most beautiful grand sing this year, and for composing the special melody used for the Blue Team’s Alma Mater. Shout out to CA Productions veteran and grand sing leader, Menachem Kramer, who unfortunately could not join us for this production. Iy”h we’ll be hearing more from you in the future!

Rabbi Newmark and Camp Agudah: CA Productions wouldn’t be possible without your support and backing. We hope this song makes you feel as proud of camp as we do!

And of course, a song would be pointless without you, the listener. Whether you’re an alumnus enjoying the song as it brings back fond memories of camp, a parent who is proud to send their son to Ruach Country, a staff member who eagerly awaits the @cakosherhock tweets as to when the next song is coming out, or a camper who listens to CA Productions all day and waits to blast them in his bunkhouse every night (shout out to Bunk Nun Tes!); this song is for you!

We hope you enjoy the latest CA Production as much as we enjoyed producing it!  May we be blessed to continue sharing and creating memories for many years to come in Ruach Country.

For after all, these aren’t ordinary memories- they are “AGUDAH MEMORIES!”

Eliezer Frank, Izzy Krasnow, Aron Lowenthal

The CA Productions Team

November 2018/ Kislev 5779

Click here to download the song. Right-click, and click “Save As”. Camp Agudah Productions Presents: Alma Maters 2018: “Memories”

Produced by: CA Productions, 2018

Vocals Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: Sniper Studios (sniperstudiosinc@gmail.com)

(Moshe Gerstner’s Vocals Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: Eli Gerstner@EG Studios)

Music Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: Moishe Saftlas (646-668-0523)

Mastered by: Jake Antelis (JakeAntelis.com)


Vocals by: Yehuda Braun, Moshe Gerstner, Binyomin Hellman, Binyamin Kruger

Backup Vocals by: Sniper Studios, Yehuda Braun, Binyamin Kruger

Lyrics for Green Alma Mater by: Yehuda Lowenthal, Menachem Kramer, Shuey Krasnow

Lyrics for Blue Alma Mater by: Izzy Krasnow, Eliezer Frank

Cover Design: Aaron Eliezer Pilchick (thekensingtongraphic.com)

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