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A new Alma Mater song is coming soon. A preview is now available! Click here to preview the song.

Camp Agudah on May - 20 - 2014
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3 Responses to “New Alma Mater Song Coming Soon!”

  1. Mommy Fogel says:

    Chaim, this is theeee most beautiful song so far! So touching, so moving, so real. What an impact! May you go m’chayil l’chayil all your life through & continue to bring joy and inspiration to all those around you. Looking forward to your next Grand Sing 2014, b’ezras Hashem!

  2. ari schneider says:

    awsome O yeah

  3. simcha m says:

    i love agudah my son loves agudah it does o much Good for him thank you so much

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