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The following article was posted in the Reader Write section of The Yated in the January 16th, 2013 issue:



Dear Editor,

A number  of  years  ago,  you ran a wonderful  series of articles by Rabbi Schwartz describing the benefits of the sleep-away camp experience. The articles conveyed the idea that perhaps our mosdos hachinuch should adopt some of the summer learning programs to enhance their curriculums.

In the yeshiva where I am a reb­bi, a number of these ideas, such as a Torah bowl for yedios klalios and a grand bechinah on hilchos bra­chos, were  instituted.

How excited I was when a number of my dear talmidim pre­sented me with a progress card sent to them by Camp Agudah to be filled out. The card stated that my talmid had learned geshmak and well that week and required my signature. My talmidim  explained to me that Camp Agudah was run­ning a Chinese auction with excit­ing prizes such as an audio system, a 26-inch bicycle, a silver becher and seforim, and the  way to earn “dollars” to be spent was by leam­ing well in yeshiva, being maavir sedra or going to Avos Ubonim. What a brilliant chinuch idea! This is a great incentive to get talmidim to learn more and better.

The chinuch of our children in today’s challenging times requires new initiatives on our part to reenergize our talmidim in their hasma­dah. New ideas and exciting learn­ing programs planned properly and administered correctly will go a long way toward helping realize our goals.

I thank the Yated for permitting and enabling us to spread the news about these programs, thus encouraging our future doros to become gedolei Yisroel.

Thank you.

An Appreciative Melamed


Camp Agudah on January - 20 - 2013
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Camp Agudah Ruach Country presents A Wintertime Chinese Auction. It will take place at the Camp Agudah Reunion on Motzei Shabbos Parshas Mishtpatim, in the Bais Yaakov of Boro Park (1371 46th Street).

Earn Ruach Country Dollars by doing any of the following: Register for Camp, Refer a new Camper, Fill out a weekly Rebbi Card, weekly Maavir Sedra Card, weekly Avos Ubonim Card, and/or answer questions about camp in newsletters.

For more information go to: http://www.campagudah.net/auctionmain.html

Camp Agudah on December - 24 - 2012
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Camp Agudah / Ruach Country presents A Wintertime Chinese Auction.

Earn Ruach Country Dollars and Spend them on Amazing Prizes.


ArtScroll Seforim / Sports Equipment / Air Hockey Table / Digital Camera / Casio Keyboard / Silver Becher / Ripstick / Bicycle / Board Games / $50 Spending Spree in the Camp Agudah Canteen / and more…

See the photo below or go to www.campagudah.net/chineseauction.html for more info.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Camp Agudah on December - 13 - 2012
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The Camp Agudah Reunion will be Motzei Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim – February 9, 2013. Details to follow…




Camp Agudah on December - 8 - 2012
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For those who missed the Camp Agudah Radio Show with Mosey and Reb Elya as guests on the Rabbi Maimon Elbaz Torah Shows Radio Show, you can listed to a recording by going to http://jrouteradio.com/?p=156.

Click on “December 06, 2012” (It runs from approximately 14:45 to 52:30).

For a direct link, go to: http://www.radiohidabroot.com/index.php/component/hwdvideoshare/viewvideo/1744/december-06-2012?Itemid=374

Camp Agudah on December - 8 - 2012
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Camp Agudah Dates for Summer 2013:

First Trip: Wed June 26 – Mon July 22.

Second Trip: Tue July 23 – Sun Aug 18.

Visiting Days are Sun July 7 and Aug 4.

(Camp Bnos, Bnoseinu, and Chayl Miriam finish on Mon Aug 19.)

Camp Agudah on December - 6 - 2012
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Ruach Country is offering an all new Rewards Program. For every trip that you register a child in any of the Ruach Country Camps (Agudah, Machane Ephraim, Bnos, Bnoseinu, or Chayl Miriam) you receive 1 point. When you accumulate 12 points, you receive a free trip in any of the Ruach Country Camps!


Camp Agudah on December - 6 - 2012
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The Camp Agudah Camper Application is now available via the camps auto-response email system: applications@campagudah.org.

Please remember: We are an Unofficial website, and we don’t have access to the applications. You can receive an application by using the email address listed above. If you have any questions you can call the Camp Office at 212-797-8172.

Camp Agudah on December - 6 - 2012
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