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Produced By: Camp Agudah

Music By: Doni Gross

Vocals & Music Arranged, Mixed, Mastered, & Recorded By Doni Gross @DEGStudios (Brooklyn, NY)

Vocals By: Gavriel Ganger, Yosef Yaakov Ganger, Michoel Weingarten, Chaim Fogel, Doni Gross

Mens Choir: Doni Gross, Shloime Zlotnick, Chaim Fogel

Cover Design: Aaron Herzberg (Special Thanks Ari Scheff)

Song #1
The Beat Of My Heart (TTTO Min Hameitzar, Miami Mizrach)

General: Yechiel Aharonof (Blue)
Lyrics By: Aaron Schilit

Song #2
True Friends

General: Chaim Aaron Gross (Green)
Lyrics By: Chaim Fogel, Nati Gurwitz, Ari Krasnow

Thank You: Meir Frischman, Chaim Aaron Gross, Nati Gutwitz, Aaron Schilit, Yechiel Aharonof

Camp Agudah: Enjoy!

True Friends is not your typical Alma Mater Song. Most Alma Mater Songs are a goodbye to camp. This song is about saying goodbye specifically to your Camp FRIENDS. The song is basically all the unspoken words a boy wants to say to his camp friend as he says goodbye to him for the year. Unfortunately we couldn’t record all the lyrics to the whole song which goes through how friends made in camp are different than other friends you make over the year. The full lyrics to each song is posted.

Hatzlacha Enjoy!


Camp Agudah on May - 22 - 2014
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A new Alma Mater song is coming soon. A preview is now available! Click here to preview the song.

Camp Agudah on May - 20 - 2014
categories: News

Mazal Tov to Yechiel Aaronoff upon his engagement to Ariella Ghatan!

Camp Agudah on May - 20 - 2014
categories: Simchas

Mazal Tov to Chaim Aron Gross upon his engagement to Faige Fried!

Camp Agudah on May - 20 - 2014
categories: Simchas