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For anyone who was a camper in the mid to late 1980′s, the Oneg Shabbos stories about the amazing tales of Moshe Greenberg, or, as he was known to the rest of the world, “Pickle Boy”, are a very positive memory of their time in Camp. Campers from that era can remember staying glued to their seats in the gazebo near the Club even after the official time for Oneg Shabbos was over and the rest of the camp thundered past to get their kokosh cake from Mrs. Lankry. Many campers went on to retell the stories to their own bunks when they became counselors, and to their kids when they became fathers.

Well, believe it or not, those memories can now be relived, thanks to the recent publication of “The Awesome Adventures of Pickle Boy”, which contains the first story in the saga. The story has been secularized to appeal to a broader audience, but the book still contains all the original elements (including Shaya Dekel!) and will be very familiar to those who heard the stories long ago.

The book is currently available at Torah Treasures in Brooklyn (corner of Avenue L and Nostrand Ave) and at Amazon.com in both softcover and Kindle format here: The Awesome Adventures of Pickle Boy: Book One (Volume 1)

Let the author know what you think at pickleboy613@yahoo.com.

Camp Agudah on November - 28 - 2013
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The Camp Agudah Reunion will be Motzei Shabbos Parshas Bo – January 4th, 2014. Details to follow…

Camp Agudah on November - 24 - 2013
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