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Archive for August, 2013

This song is dedicated to Tuli Abramczyk. It is a medley of the Alma Maters that he led during his Grand Sing career (2009-2012).

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Vocals and Music Recorded at DEGStudios (Brooklyn, NY)
Vocalists: Shmueli Grossberger, Chaim Fogel
Choir: DJ Michaeli, Aaron Schilit, Chaim Fogel, Doni Gross
Music: Doni Gross

Special thanks to Ari Scheff.

1st song: TTTO Aleinu by Yoni Stern (2009)
2nd song: TTTO Mi She’ana by Sheves Chaveirim (2010)
3rd song: TTTO The Artist by Sheves Achim (2011)
4th song: TTTO Psach Libi by Yoni Stern (2012)

Camp Agudah on August - 30 - 2013
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