Camp Agudah Reunion – 2018

The Camp Agudah Reunion will take place on Motzei Shabbos December 29, 2018 at Torah Vyira Hall (5411 Ft. Hamilton Parkway) starting at 8:30 PM. Click on the photo below for details:

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Camp Agudah Productions Presents: Alma Maters 2018: “Memories”

Camp Agudah Productions Presents Alma Maters 2018: “Memories” First Song (Green Alma Mater) T.T.T.O Seu Shearim (Nachas) Second Song (Blue Alma Mater) T.T.T.O Shining Star (R’ Yitzy Bald) Click here to play the song. Produced by: CA Productions, 2018 Vocals Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: (More…)

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MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!!!

Tremendous Mazal Tov to Camp Agudah longtime counselor and assistant division head of the “U” Zalman Krasnow on his engagement to Esti Sobel from Flatbush. #CASIMCHA

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MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!

Huge Mazal Tov to long-time legendary counselor SHUEY KRASNOW on his engagement to Blima Singal from Baltimore!!!!!!!! #CASIMCHA

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