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Camp Agudah Presents: Green Team of Avdei Hashem Theme Song 2013
(TTTO: Habita – Shloime Kaufman)

Click here to play or download the song.

Produced By: Camp Agudah

Music By: Doni Gross

Music & Vocals Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered: DEGStudios (Brooklyn, NY)

Lyrics By: Chaim Fogel, Zalman Krasnow

Vocals By: Shmueli Grossberger, Gavriel Ganger, Yosef Yaakov Ganger, Yosef Baruch Saftlas

Cover Design: Aaron Herzberg

Unsung Hero: R’ Elya (seriously shkoiach)



Camp Agudah on October - 13 - 2013
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7 Responses to “Camp Agudah Presents: Avdei Hashem”

  1. Totty Herzberg says:

    awesome hearing for second time i just love the cover i wonder who made it THANK YOU CHAIM

  2. @aschilit says:

    We’ve been looking forward to this release since summer 2013 #RC13 #HNL Another awesome production by Chaim Fogel and crew. Can’t wait for the CD to come out!

  3. camper says:

    It is very well done!! I cannot stop listening to it and dreaming about summer 2014!! What’s in store for this summer?? Does anyone have any clue how the head staff can top this past summer?? I mean, how can you beat a Fried concert, Benny concert, Pruz, awesome major trips, Fantastic mini trips (which my friend from another camp went as their major trip!) New football field (which I heard is gonna have Hash marks and numbers painted on the field for this summer), fireworks show, a ruach filled color war, make your own ice cream, and so much more!! Camp reached a hole nother level!!! And who could forget about the Ruach Country Nachman yarmulkas!!! Could you please post more stuff from this great summer???

  4. S.O.S. says:

    Chaim, you are very talented!! But the singers are awesome, the harmony by the gangers is sick!!! And shmueli, you are the best!! Chaim, you gotta make a video to go with it!!! I miss camp!!

  5. […] of Avdei Hashem‘s Theme Song 2013 for FREE download. To download the track FREE please visit CampAgudah.net. AVDEI HASHEM (TTTO: Habita – Shloime […]

  6. Moshe says:

    I sent my son to Camp Agudah for the very first time this past year, and it was everything plus more than I expected. He constantly listens to the two cd’s of the memories of camp and is truly excited about this coming summer. This song remastered in a studio brought tears to his eyes. To the parents who are reading this, there is no doubt that this is the camp to send your boys!

  7. bec says:

    “GO GREEN GO”!!!!

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