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Camp Agudah Presents: AIBISHTER (TTTO: Ka Ribon – Ari Golwag)

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Produced By: Camp Agudah
Vocals Recorded at TFStudios (Brooklyn, NY)
Vocals Mixed at Miracle Studios (Chicago, IL)
Music Recorded at DEGStudios (Brooklyn, NY)
Music Mixed and Mastered at DEGStudios (Brooklyn, NY)

Lyrics By: Shamai Whitman, Aaron Schilit, Chaim Fogel

Vocals By: Yosef Baruch Saftlas, Chaim Ghoori, DJ Michaeli

Camp Agudah Choir: Shamai Whitman, DJ Michaeli, Aaron Schilit, Binyomen Presser, Pinny Lamet, Chaim Ghoori.

Aibishter- Thank You. Only You Know My Feelings And Emotions Behind That.
Thank You: My Family, Cousins And Other Distant Relatives, Yeshiva of Far Rockaway, Clifton, Yossi, Nissan, Ari Goldwag Doni Gross, Eli Gewirtz, 7/11 Coffees, Eli ‘The Beast’ Fogel, T.C. , Yaakov Lax (Arite Arite Arite), @cakosherhock, @JMHock, Captain K, Scion XB, Heavy Shoes, Yitzy Bald, TULI, Aaron Stern (IY”H), Chavrusa Moishe, R’ Elya Kaufman, King Shimshy, Rabbi Simcha Kaufman, Eli Serebrowski And Campagudah.net , Shlomo Tepper, E.G. , Uncle Shalom, HERTZ, Ownage, Nati (Amud Yomi), Grump, Waterbury, Bunk Tes Zayin, Backscratcher, Tuvia’s, Avi Schilit, Rabbi Thaler, Rabbi Krohn, Volvi, My Counselors, JC’s, And Rebbeim In Camp Throughout The Years In Camp, If You Would Like To Fill In Your Name Here’s Some Room ___________________. Shkoiach To You All!
Special Thanks:
Mommy- I Love You. That Will Be All.
Rabbi Neiman & The Head Staff Of Camp Agudah- Making Agudah The Obvious Front Runner Of Camps.
Rabbi Karfiol- Giving Me The Opportunity. Alot Goes Into That Also. IY”H Summer 2013!
Rabbi Pearl- My Uncle And Rebbi For Teaching And Believing In Me. Of Course For My Room Downstairs Shkoiach To You And The Rest Of The Pearl Gang.
Tzvi Fishoff- Couldn’t Have Picked A More Awesome Guy To Work With On This Production Too Bad Its Over (Or Not!):) Your Enthusiasm and Optimism Throughout Really Kept Us Going. Of All People That Should Be Set Free Its You:) You’re A Beast See You In Camp IY”H!
Mordy- Your Mix Was Phenomenal And Your Talent In Music Cannot Be Surpassed By Many. Thanks For All Your Patience and TIME You Put Into It.
Yosef Baruch and Chaim- Your Voices Are A Special Gift Many Wished They Had Thank Hashem Every Day For It. Your Enthusiasm Even When It was Frustrating Stayed The Same It Was A Pleasure To Work With You Guys! Your Parents Most Definitely Deserve A Shout Out Thank You So Much For Giving Them The Opportunity. Shkoiach!
Aaron And Shamai- Working With You Guys On Writing Its Legit The Best Group Of Guys Out There. Aaron For Putting Up With Me For 3 Years, Knocking Some Common Sense Into Me, Shamai For All The Advice And Patience From Day 1 We Finally Worked Together 1st Time This Year! Love You Guys!
The Camp Agudah Choir- For Your Excitement And For The Good Times (Binyomen) Thanks For Everything!
The Anonymous Letter Writer- You Inspired Us All With Your Beautiful Words And Commitment. You Made A Humongous Kiddush Hashem I Don’t Think You Even Know Half Of It. Keep It Up You’re A Beast!
Thank You,

Camp Agudah on March - 19 - 2013
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11 Responses to “Camp Agudah Presents: Aibishter”

  1. Shamai says:

    I LOVE IT!
    Shout out 2 the one who made it happen the one and only
    p.s. Choir u guys were sick, Tzvi ur KING and JB ur voice is GOLDEN!

  2. MoGro says:

    Great stuff as always Chaim! You think maybe we can do a recording of “Down By The Bay” next?

  3. Ari says:

    Its awsome gr8 lyrics and vocals and music good job!!!!

  4. Shlomo says:

    Great job!!the lyrics r amazing, may ur songs inspire kids for yrs to come

  5. Mordy Becker (@aschilit) says:

    Amazing job guys! Can’t stop listening to it! 🙂

  6. Tzvi Gold says:

    amazing you guys! I am proud to know you and I plan to sing on top of my lungs all summer long so watch out and bring your earplugs let the summer come and the madness begin!!!

  7. camper says:

    Very nice. Things like this would be mad ownage if it was done during camp!! Ruach country all the way!!

  8. Ask Shamai says:


  9. RJ dovid rottenstreich says:

    CHAIM its jst great ur amazing I miss u hope to see u this summer when u make a CD youll have at least ONE buyer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)



    It is mamesh geshmak

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